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Emma Scully Gallery

  • New York

    16 East 79th Street, Suite 11
    New York, NY 10075


Located in a 19th Century townhouse on the Upper East Side, Emma Scully Gallery presents thought-provoking, contemporary works that aim to answer the question of how design can gracefully move forward in today’s material society facing superabundance, the ecological cost of overproduction and the shift from the physical to the digital world. A balance of established greats, undiscovered talents, and collaborative commissions, the gallery’s conceptual programming is academically curated by Emma Scully, a creative professional well-versed in art history, design and decorative arts.


Contemporary Design

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  • Design Miami/ 2022 – Emma Scully Gallery


  • Ebitenyefa Baralaye
  • Charmaine Bee
  • Bradley L. Bowers
  • Ryan Decker
  • Faissel El-Malak
  • Kaley Flowers
  • Brecht Gander
  • Charlotte Kingsnorth
  • Lucia Massari
  • Paris Essex
  • Bec Brittian
  • Simone Bodmer-Turner
  • Jane Atfield
  • ibanye
  • Jaye Kim
  • Jenny Min
  • Kaja Upelj
  • Rooms
  • Tellurico
  • Nel Verbeke


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