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Caroline Van Hoek

  • Belgium

    Belgium, 9831


Caroline Van Hoek fell in love with jewelry when launching and leading her own gallery for 10 years. From October 2007 to October 2017 the gallery exhibited international artists on location in Brussels and at various fairs including Design Miami/, Design Basel, PAD Paris and PAD London.

After a decade of operations, she closed the gallery and established a home workshop where her own unique style developed in a first series of works entitled "Toast" shown at Design Miami Basel in 2019. From August 2020 to February 2022 Van Hoek served as the Head of Jewellery for Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

For her own creations she likes to defy technical issues and realize her ideas in the most simple way with the least possible tools.

"At the skatepark" is her next big body of work inspired by skateparks, abandoned pools and public toilets where the young have left their marks in various ways like graffiti, tags, carvings and destruction in an effort to appropriate these locations and construct their identity, share their message. Skaters form a tribe and when together create a community that embody youth and freedom, falling and getting back up, never giving up before this one trick is mastered and moving on to the next challenge. Van Hoek tried to express all of these elements in her new pieces. #attheskatepark


Contemporary jewelry

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