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When Bottega Veneta’s creative director Matthieu Blazy invited pioneering designer Gaetano Pesce to create the space for the brand’s Summer 23 show in Milan this past September, it was the beginning of a rich design collaboration. At the heart of the project was the Come Stai? chair, a new expression in Pesce’s oeuvre, which echoes his lifelong quest for individuality and diversity.

The commission will be presented by Bottega Veneta as a site-specific installation for this year’s Design Miami/. The Come Stai? chairs will be made available for purchase from November 30 to December 4 at 153 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137, within the Miami Design District.

A limited selection of chairs will also be made available to purchase online from November 17.

“This space is a tribute to diversity. It is about the human being; we are all different. People who say we are all the same – f**k them! We are all different and this is our defining quality – otherwise, we are just a copy. We are all originals and this is one of the themes of my design.” – Gaetano Pesce


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