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Ateliers Courbet

  • New York

    134 10th Avenue
    New York, NY 10011

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ATELIERS COURBET is a New York-based design gallery with a distinct curatorial focus dedicated to the ongoing craftsmanship mastery and design legacies carried-on by the contemporary artisans and centuries-old manufactures it represents. While the gallery’s exhibitions program highlights the time-honored techniques behind an objet d’art, its adjoining salons reveal a permanent display of timeless design pieces – bringing together contemporary creations and sought-after pieces culled from the archives. In conjunction, the gallery cultivates the longstanding dialogue between revered ateliers and artists, introducing collaborations among which Venini’s glass blowers and Tadao Ando, Nepalese weavers and Frank Gehry, or Aldo Bakker and the silversmiths of Wiener Silber Manufaktur. Established in 2013 by Mélanie Courbet, the gallery was born from the desire to share a deep appreciation for master-craftsmen’s ethos and works of art that embody artisanal dexterity and cultural heritage. Rooted in Courbet’s extensive travels and collaborations with artists, designers and artisans around the world, the gallery is a paean to the painstaking work of today’s rarefied master-craftsmen. Since its opening, Ateliers Courbet has garnered international recognition from a clientele of private collectors, interior designers and institutions alike. Today, the gallery represents over 50 traditional crafts passed on by long lineages of esteemed artisans from around the world, including marquetry, woodcraft, ceramic and glasswork, weaving and metalsmithing.


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  • Design Miami/ 2018 – Ateliers Courbet presents The Masters Editions by Giancarlo Valle and Mauro Mori


  • Raphael Navot
  • Aldo Bakker
  • Mauro Mori
  • Gianluca Pacchioni
  • Domeau & Peres
  • Katharine Glenday
  • Peter Speliopoulos
  • Veronica Mar
  • Karen Swami
  • Thierry Dreyfus
  • Mario Milana
  • Jonathan Hansen
  • Feleksan Onar
  • Matthew Chambers
  • Michel Amar
  • Valeria Nascimento