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Aqua Creations

  • Englewood

    385 Elkwood Terrace
    Englewood, NJ 07631


Aqua Creations is a friends & family light-making studio. Our artistic approach to handmade
lighting is made possible by our team of in-house makers, working with our signature materials
from 1992 onwards.

We offer hand crafted lighting design and bespoke services. Each piece is designed and created in our studio, on a made-to-order basis by our team of artisans who have been working with us for 30 years.

Through spellbinding designs combined with master craftsmanship and innovative technology, light fuses with function and becomes art.


Sculptural lighting, collectable art objects

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  • Albi Serfaty


  • Aqua Creations

    Albi Serfaty

    Doiran Lake Floor Lamp
  • Albi Serfaty

    Chad Lake Table 2
  • Albi Serfaty

    Lotus Lake
  • Albi Serfaty

    Chad Lake Table 1
  • Albi Serfaty

    Chad Lake Mobile 3
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