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  • Colonia, Juarez

    Avenue Paseo de la Reforma
    382, int 501,
    Colonia, Juarez, 06600

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AGO Projects is a design-centric hub and designer representation space started by Rudy F. Weissenberg and Rodman Primack. Based in the energizing creative capitals of Mexico City and New York, AGO Projects is committed to incubating and promoting exceptional design voices. We work together with artists and designers to realize personal projects of various scales while actively enhancing international alliances and opportunities. We believe in the power of good design as an agent of positive transformation. We encourage the handmade and support artists and designers with a heightened level of social and environmental consciousness that strive for a more equitable society.


Incubating and promoting exceptional design

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  • Agnes Studio
  • Fabien Cappello
  • Lanza Atelier
  • Fernando Laposs
  • Mestiz (Daniel Valero)
  • MT Objects (Mauricio Paniagua & Tony Moxham)
  • Pedro Reyes
  • Anndra Neen
  • David Wiseman
  • Adam Silverman
  • Pedro & Juana
  • Tepeu Choc
  • Johann Wolfschoon
  • Cecilia Leon de la Barra


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