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  • Shanghai

    C3-1508, #258 changjiang rd.
    BaoShan District,
    Shanghai, 200441


20C GALLERY was originally founded as BACK TO 20th CENTURY in 2015 in Beijing. Since then, it has gradually expanded from vintage furniture shop to a design showroom that collected historical master pieces, contemporary furniture, emerging Asian designs as well as modern art collections. In the fall of 2021, Back to 20th Century opens its door in Shanghai as 20C GALLERY, which is is dedicated to the fusion and dialogue of design aesthetics between the present, the future, and history, to discover, assemble and establish the connections and challenges between the heritage of International historical design and Oriental contemporary design.


Oriental contemporary design, 20th century modern design

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  • Design Miami/ Basel 2022 – 20C GALLERY


  • Naihan Li