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Highlights of Design Miami/ 2013

Throughout the week, the ninth edition of Design Miami/ saw strong attendance, big sales, and captivating exhibitions. Visitors came from all over the world to view the best in 20th and 21st century collectible design, shown by an international roster of galleries.

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Designers on Site/ Sustainability Through Design

Design Log/ liveblogs Sustainability Through Design, a Design Talk with Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, in conversation with architect Guilherme Torres and Mark Tercek, President and CEO of the The Nature Conservancy. Click through to see the event.

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Experience Counts

This year, three of the most prominent installations at Design Miami/ have something in common. While each one is quite different, they are all, to a greater or lesser extent, experiential and open to interpretation, leaving visitors to form their own perceptions and memories.

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An Homage to Miami Style

This December, Design Miami/ 2013 will host several installations that celebrate and reflect upon Miami’s unique visual landscape…

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Swarovski Crystal Palace/ Parhelia and Conceptual Design for the Real World

Today, as part of the Design Talks program, Swarovski Crystal Palace hosted a discussion with architect Asif Khan and designer Kenya Hara, moderated by Terence Riley.

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Divine Intervention/ Asif Khan

One wouldn’t necessarily expect an architect to be drawn to the ethereal, but the London-based architect Asif Khan can’t help but be attracted to some of nature’s most fleeting expressions.

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Design Depth/ Programming at Design Miami/ 2012

The wealth of things to see at Design Miami/ 2012 is enough to stun and entrance anyone who visits the fair. Such a large amount of design history, thinking and practice requires events tailored to contextualize, explain, and explore – and Design Miami/ has the programming needed to accomplish this.

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Design Pioneers Talks at Design Miami/ 2012

Material culture has never existed in a vacuum; taste, critique, and praise have all developed out of dialogue with each other and with the objects we’re speaking of (and to). The Design Talks Program at this year’s Design Miami/ is dedicated to Design Pioneers who have furthered the field through their impact on methods of production, style or discourse, and who have taken the ethos of their movement to further heights.

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Swarovski Crystal Palace/ Eyal Burstein Beta Video

During Design Miami/ Basel 2012, Swarovski Crystal Palace showcased Eyal Burstein’s Beta, an exploration of the relationship between client and designer. The installation reflects the eclectic relationships Swarovski Crystal Palace has developed with material and manufacturing experts in order to innovate and experiment with the medium of crystal, an ongoing project that designer Asif Khan will interpret at this December’s Design Miami/.

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Beta by Eyal Burstein Celebrates a Decade Of Swarovski Crystal Palace

Eyal Burstein/ Beta for Swarovski Crystal Palace/ 2012/ ©James Harris
Celebrating a decade of Swarovski Crystal Palace, conceptual designer Eyal Burstein presents Beta, a colourful and vibrant topography of furniture inspired by Swarovski crystal.
Beta showcases Burstein’s exploration of the relationship between client and designer, and it reflects the eclectic relationships Swarovski Crystal Palace has developed with material and…

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