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Equipped for the Future/ Brazil: Old Remnants, Modern Ruins, and Perpetual Renovation

In a series of micro-stories that through its innately fragmented nature vividly reveals the multitudinous aspects of the fascinatingly complex country that is Brazil, Pedro Gadanho calls it like he sees it, in some cases through the car window. This is a travelogue of the most insightful sort, with descriptions that faithfully convey the country’s raw and complex physicality interwoven with factual titbits and emotionally charged remarks. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that after reading it, you feel like you have just made a sojourn to Brazil. And that you absorbed every aspect of the culture.

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Museum Shows/ February

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Memories from France/ An Ode to Oscar Niemeyer at Galerie Downtown

Oscar Niemeyer became one of the greatest treasures from Modernist Architecture during the 20th century. His contributions to the new generations are immeasurable.

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