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Featured Design Talks

This June’s Design Talks offered a compelling and thought-provoking platform into the world of design. The series brought together designers, architects, artists and critics actively influencing design discourse and production, offering insight into what drives creative output, criticism and the market

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Designers on Site/ Sustainability Through Design

Design Log/ liveblogs Sustainability Through Design, a Design Talk with Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, in conversation with architect Guilherme Torres and Mark Tercek, President and CEO of the The Nature Conservancy. Click through to see the event.

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A Visual Recap of Design Miami/ 2012

The amount of activity at Design Miami/ 2012 was truly astounding. More than 30,000 design collectors and enthusiasts visited Design Miami/ 2012…

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Design Pioneers Talks at Design Miami/ 2012

Material culture has never existed in a vacuum; taste, critique, and praise have all developed out of dialogue with each other and with the objects we’re speaking of (and to). The Design Talks Program at this year’s Design Miami/ is dedicated to Design Pioneers who have furthered the field through their impact on methods of production, style or discourse, and who have taken the ethos of their movement to further heights.

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Nadja Swarovski’s Favorite Work at Design Miami/ 2012

“I like the Mutation Lounge by Maarten De Ceulaer because of its pleasant organic form, its function and its material: rubber. As a mother of three kids ages 4,6 and 8, this kind of child friendly but design driven furniture speaks to me – at the moment.”

NADJA SWAROVSKI/ Nadja Swarovski, Creative Director, Founder of Swarovski Crystal Palace and Member of the Swarovski Executive Board

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Beta by Eyal Burstein Celebrates a Decade Of Swarovski Crystal Palace

Eyal Burstein/ Beta for Swarovski Crystal Palace/ 2012/ ©James Harris
Celebrating a decade of Swarovski Crystal Palace, conceptual designer Eyal Burstein presents Beta, a colourful and vibrant topography of furniture inspired by Swarovski crystal.
Beta showcases Burstein’s exploration of the relationship between client and designer, and it reflects the eclectic relationships Swarovski Crystal Palace has developed with material and…

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Design Legacies Talk/ Nadja Swarovski/ Helmut Swarovski/ Eyal Burstein

Helmut Swarovski/ Nadja Swarovski/ Eyal Burstein/ Deyan Sudjic
“Nadja, are you happy with what Eyal made?” Deyan Sudjic
“I think its amazing, particularly to see the designer’s personal style and his interpretation of the various materials. It is an articulation of the art of cutting material. I find Eyal’s piece to be a celebration of what we do at…

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Dinner with Nadja Swarovski and Craig Robins

Nadja Swarovski and Craig Robins hosted a dinner this week to honor the close partnership between Design Miami/ Basel and Swarovski Crystal Palace. The event, which took place at Basel’s historic Krafft Hotel, brought together the worlds of design, art and fashion for a charmed evening overlooking the moonlit Rhine.

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