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SILENCIO/ Pharrell Williams and Takashi Murakami in Miami’s Design District

Silencio, the legendary Parisian nightclub, brought its energy to Miami’s Design District with a pop-up lounge hosted by Pharrell Williams, revered hip hop/R&B composer and design connoisseur…

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On Location/ Design and Architecture in Miami

Outside of Design Miami/, there’s a number of design and architectural landmarks, events and exhibitions to experience around town.

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Michael’s Genuine at Design Miami/ 2012

Our mouths here at Design Miami/ are watering. Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink, by now a staple of the Design District, will be running a pop-up cafe during fair hours and dishing out a full menu of food and drink.

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Architecture for Dogs at Design Miami/ 2012

Dog and man go way back. The bond was born of mutual survival; dogs had protectors against natural predators, while our ancestors were able to stay warmer at night and cleaner too as their canines cleaned the bones of ox and bison. Architecture was still in its stone stage when humans found their new best friend.

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Acconci Studio Named 2012 Designer of the Year

Each December, the Design Miami/ Designer of the Year Award recognizes an internationally renowned designer or studio that has made a mark on design history, pushing the boundaries of the discipline through a singularly innovative and influential vision. This year, Design Miami/ is proud to recognize Acconci Studio.

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