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Gallery Shows/ April

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Transformations/ Maarten de Ceulaer and Fendi

As part of the Design Performance series, Belgian designer Maarten de Ceulaer was invited by Fendi to construct a project that responded to Fendi’s Modernist aesthetic and brand identity. What’s resulted is an inspired and playful space…

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Design Depth/ Programming at Design Miami/ 2012

The wealth of things to see at Design Miami/ 2012 is enough to stun and entrance anyone who visits the fair. Such a large amount of design history, thinking and practice requires events tailored to contextualize, explain, and explore – and Design Miami/ has the programming needed to accomplish this.

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Nadja Swarovski’s Favorite Work at Design Miami/ 2012

“I like the Mutation Lounge by Maarten De Ceulaer because of its pleasant organic form, its function and its material: rubber. As a mother of three kids ages 4,6 and 8, this kind of child friendly but design driven furniture speaks to me – at the moment.”

NADJA SWAROVSKI/ Nadja Swarovski, Creative Director, Founder of Swarovski Crystal Palace and Member of the Swarovski Executive Board

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Maarten De Ceulaer/ Studio with a View

Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer is best known for his boisterous furniture and objects, mixing repetitions of familiar shapes with charming colors, textures and a reconsideration of process most typical to Design Academy Eindhoven graduates.

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