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Gallery Shows/ April

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An Italian Renaissance at Design Miami/ 2012

Italy is back with full force at Design Miami/ 2012. As a country with one of the longest and most storied design histories the world over, there is a reason that the phrase “Made in Italy” carries such weight. With three galleries and a number of pivotal Italian designers present at this year’s fair, Design Miami/ 2012 offers a view of both the celebrated past and promising future that Italy confers upon design creation and tastemaking.

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The Interdisciplinarians/ Hugo França

The Interdisciplinarians is an exclusive dinner series gathering art and design personalities, held 4 times a year at R 20th Century Gallery. Hosted by Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman of R 20th and Laetitia Wolff of futureflair, each dinner is conceived around a themed conversation that is current, engaging and provocative, usually honoring a special guest.

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