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Isay Weinfeld

A collection of rhetoric gems from issues past. This time: Isay Weinfeld, one of the most prolific architects working in Brazil today.

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Paulo Mendes Da Rocha

A collection of rhetoric gems from issues past. This time: Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, the great Brazilian modernists, Pritzker Prize winner, and most of all, a living architectural icon.

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Martino Gamper

“There are a lot of connections between food and design. In both disciplines you have a given amount of ingredients, and in both cases there aren’t really any new ingredients coming into the world…”

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Clemence Seilles

“Agglomeration is the key. I collect wood, various metals, minerals, representations of nature, and fake or recomposed fragments of nature developed by the industry for an urban world…”

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Rick Owens

“I love Eileen Gray. But then I’m inspired by a lot of different designers, like Le Corbusier, Joe Colombo, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann. I really liked the old Art Deco pieces that I saw as a kid…”

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Ettore Sottsass

“To me, life is Eros. Like, for instance, not everybody’s interested in colors. But others are seduced by colors…”

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The Best of NY Design Week

New York Design Week is in full-swing with a bevy of exhibitions, installations, and events being held everywhere from pop-up tents to museums to retail stores. Design Miami/ has compiled our top picks for what to catch.

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Roy McMakin

“When I started designing furniture, my explicit aim was to create pieces where time is ambiguous, so when people saw a piece they would be confused as to what point in time it was made…”

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OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

“Nature is fundamental to our work. To us it’s always about the position of architecture in relation to the reality of the world, and to life. So in that sense architecture can perhaps be understood as an organizing device…”

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Jürgen Mayer H

“My personal little theory is that we’re all constantly reworking our childhoods. For me, creativity has a lot to do with recovering lost innocence…”

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