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Tomáš Libertiny, Rotterdam

Tomáš is the son of an architect and a historian. He studied engineering at the TU Košice in Slovakia, painting and sculpture at the University of Washington in Seattle, product design at the AFAD in Bratislava and at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

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Airline Design/ Hella Jongerius for KLM

“Welcome aboard flight KL 643, flying direct to New York,” says a voice. A blonde man in a black suit sits in an airplane seat, smiling as stewardesses sashay past with champagne and pillows. “Enjoy your flight, sir.” This man is not flying to New York. He’s in a warehouse close to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. A lot of people are staring at him. “Welcome to New York, sir,” the voice purrs. He hasn’t moved.

This is the setting for the launch of Dutch designer Hella Jongerius’ latest project, a redesigned interior for the business-class cabins of Dutch airline KLM…

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Announcing the 2013 W Hotels Designers of the Future

Every June, the Designers of the Future Award is presented to a group of promising young designers and studios that represent new directions in their field and exciting developments in broader design culture. For the fourth year running, Design Miami/ and W Hotels have collaborated on this Award, which looks beyond pure product and furniture design to acknowledge pieces that push the limits of technology, discipline, and concept.

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Clearing Grounds/ Massoud Hassani’s Homemade Stories

This young designer is pulling out all the stops. On the one hand, he has launched an initiative to rid the world of landmines, a passion that harks back to his Afghan childhood. And on quite the other, he is busy concocting culinary books and devices inspired by the positive riches of his homeland.

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Maarten De Ceulaer/ Studio with a View

Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer is best known for his boisterous furniture and objects, mixing repetitions of familiar shapes with charming colors, textures and a reconsideration of process most typical to Design Academy Eindhoven graduates.

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