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Philippe Jousse in Marfa/ An Unlikely Art and Design Oasis

Marfa (founded in 1880, pop. 1,899) is a small town in Texas located between the Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park. Small in size and big on creative, Marfa has become a destination for artisans and historians alike. Rising amongst the dramatic western Texas landscape, the town has created an identity that includes art…

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Dice Kayek at the V&A

Dice Kayek is the winner of the third Jameel Prize at the Victoria & Albert Museum, an international award for contemporary artists and designers inspired by Islamic traditions of art, craft and design, for the collection Istanbul Contrast. Here we speak to Dice Kayek’s co-founder Ece Ege about the significance of winning the prize and the…

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Protean Spirit: Emmett Moore

While ambling down the streets of Wynwood during Art Basel, you’ll encounter the usual graffiti and street art murals that have made the neighborhood famous and defined its energetically gritty topography. But as you reach Northwest 23rd Street, you’ll see something quite different (though it typifies Miami quite pithily): a one-inch-thick silhouette of slickly-rendered sunglasses…

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Ben Aranda and Chris Lasch

A collection of rhetoric gems from issues past, this time: Ben Aranda and Chris Lasch, a team of architects with a passion for pigeons and quasi-crystalline forms.
“Design is not about novelty. To make something new you have to tap into something fundamental. Take for example Johannes Kepler; he had a deep fascination with quasi-crystalline structures….

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Jan Boelen on curating BIO 50

This year one of the world’s oldest design events, the Ljubljana Biennial of Design (BIO) turns 50. First hosted in 1964, this Slovenian design festival is now being reinvented by Jan Boelen, a Belgian design curator tasked with overhauling the event for its 24th edition. 
Boelen – the founder and artistic director of Hasselt’s Z33 museum…

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February Museum Shows

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October Museum Shows

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Peter Marigold, Stoke Newington

Design Log traveled to Stoke Newington, London to visit the studio of designer Peter Marigold… and we found an incredibly large snail.

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Summer Museum Shows

Design Miami’s selection of must see summer exhibitions from around the world!

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Snarkitecture, Brooklyn

Snarkitecture is a collaborative practice operating in territories between the disciplines of art and architecture. Working within existing spaces or in collaboration with other artists and designers, the practice focuses on the investigation of structure, material and program and how these elements can be manipulated to serve new and imaginative purposes. Searching for sites within…

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