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Two powerhouse dealers—Dominique Lévy and Zesty Meyers—share a rare moment of calm and reflect on their respective art and design markets.

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In the early 2000s, when Zesty Meyers of R Gallery in New York first began showing furniture by Brazilian designer Joaquim Tenreiro, not many collectors outside of Rio knew much about the Mid-Century master.

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Subtle Hand

Architect Annabelle Seldorf masters the art of restraint

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Major Creators

These female visionaries prove that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to forward-thinking architecture.

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Madcap Design

Glenn Adamson is poised to push New York’s Museum of Arts and Design into an intellectual space that asks, ”What is craft?”

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In postwar France, a new generation of architects and designers produced innovative works dedicated to modernity, utility and elegance. We explore some of the best the period has to offer…

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The Matriarch/ Eva Chow

Eva Chow has jet lag. Last week the Los Angeles–based arts patron and tastemaker was in Seoul for the opening of a survey of American art at the National Museum of Korea…

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Divine Intervention/ Asif Khan

One wouldn’t necessarily expect an architect to be drawn to the ethereal, but the London-based architect Asif Khan can’t help but be attracted to some of nature’s most fleeting expressions.

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Jean Royère/ Epic Volumes

Frequent collaborateurs and fellow dealers Patrick Seguin and Jacques Lacoste present their latest endeavor — a comprehensive catalogue of designer Jean Royère. Here, we speak with Seguin about the process.

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Vito Acconci/ Pioneering Spirit

Vito Acconci, designer, performance artist, landscape architect and installation artist is the first American to take home Design Miami/’s prestigious Design of the Year award for Acconci Studio. Silvia Karman Cubiñá uncovers the man with many titles.

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