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Swarovski Crystal Palace/ Parhelia and Conceptual Design for the Real World

Today, as part of the Design Talks program, Swarovski Crystal Palace hosted a discussion with architect Asif Khan and designer Kenya Hara, moderated by Terence Riley.

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Design Depth/ Programming at Design Miami/ 2012

The wealth of things to see at Design Miami/ 2012 is enough to stun and entrance anyone who visits the fair. Such a large amount of design history, thinking and practice requires events tailored to contextualize, explain, and explore – and Design Miami/ has the programming needed to accomplish this.

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Architecture for Dogs at Design Miami/ 2012

Dog and man go way back. The bond was born of mutual survival; dogs had protectors against natural predators, while our ancestors were able to stay warmer at night and cleaner too as their canines cleaned the bones of ox and bison. Architecture was still in its stone stage when humans found their new best friend.

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