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An Italian Renaissance at Design Miami/ 2012

Italy is back with full force at Design Miami/ 2012. As a country with one of the longest and most storied design histories the world over, there is a reason that the phrase “Made in Italy” carries such weight. With three galleries and a number of pivotal Italian designers present at this year’s fair, Design Miami/ 2012 offers a view of both the celebrated past and promising future that Italy confers upon design creation and tastemaking.

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Sculptural Jewelry at DMB/12

Giampaolo Babbetto/ Yellow Gold and Pigment/ 2011/ Caroline Van Hoek Gallery
At this year’s fair there are striking wearable collectibles.  Caroline Van Hoek presents Giampaolo Babetto’s necklaces, rings and brooches, as well as pieces by Beate Klockmann and Study O’Portable- all works marked by sensitivity and precision.

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