Lovely Things Come In Pretty Packages: talking scenography with Emilie Bonaventure

Design Miami/ Basel was not always the sleek treat for the eyes that it is today – in the early years stands at the fair too often resembled furniture stores, and many dealers seemed determined to cram in as much stock as possible, maximising the use of space but condemning themselves to a visually chaotic…

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Rebecca Horn at Elisabetta Cipriani

Her hand dressed with fine looping chains and a compellingly lifelike ring in the shape of a large knobbled conch shell, Elisabetta Cipriani is a walking advertisement for the wearable sculpture about which she is so passionate. The conch-shaped ring is one of a series of works that Cipriani commissioned from the artist Rebecca Horn…

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Chris Schanck’s ALUFOIL series at Johnson Trading Gallery

Spreading across the wall of the Johnson Trading Gallery stand is a sprawling assemblage of photographs, sketches and foil-embossed pictures of furniture, all stuck to the wall with blue tape. Showing images of people young and old, ranging from bleach-haired hipster girls in skinny jeans to Bangladeshi women dressed in embroidered saris, they are set…

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Hair Highway by Studio Swine at Pearl Lam Gallery

One of the great double takes at Design Miami/ Basel 2014 has been provided by an elegant, Art Deco influenced dressing table with chevron patterned inlay work. The glossy surface pattern of the table is delicately streaked, but what appears at first glance to be lacquered, finely grained wood, on closer inspection reveals itself as…

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Wood Ring by Chris Kabel

presented by Galerie Kreo
Sometimes the act of fixing problems can build up a different kind of relationship with a design, allowing it to be viewed in a new light. The first version of Chris Kabel’s Wood Ring bench was installed in the common space in a building shared by the Rotterdam arts institutions Witte de…

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Ice Angel by Dominic Harris

Presented by Priveekollektie Contemporary Art/Design
Dominic Harris loves the technology he creates and deploys just enough – just enough to explore its potential, to keep it fresh and driving new ideas, but not so much that he ever wants to make its presence too evident in a piece of work. “I’m so proud of the technologies…

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Konstantin Grcic: Audi Pavilion

When Audi commissioned Konstantin Grcic to design a stand for them at Design Miami/ Basel 2014, the designer’s proposal was informed by his experience of visiting the fair in previous years. “Audi are sponsors of the fair, and they always have a stand, and they always bring a car that needs a scenography – that’s…

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Anton Alvarez, Thread Wrapped Architecture 290414

Presented by Gallery Libby Sellers
Anton Alvarez likes to be pushed up to and beyond the limits of his control as a designer. Describing the process behind his wrapped architecture – which involves passing struts and fabric patches through a machine that joins them with hundreds of meters of wrapped threads – he delights in the…

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Drawing Machine by Eske Rex

presented by Galerie Maria Wettergren
There’s a majestic bathos to Eske Rex’s Drawing Machine – trained as a carpenter and joiner, the Danish designer has constructed a meticulous, dynamic structure, hungry for space and lavish in movement that eventually focuses its efforts on a single ballpoint pen, gripped between two circling arms. “People are always surprised…

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Séance by Sheila Hicks

Design at Large: Séance by Sheila Hicks
presented by Demisch Danant
Mounting the black-painted curve of the hub wall toward the back of the Herzog & De Meuron-designed exhibition space, the intensely pigmented, slumped tussocks of fibre that form part of Sheila Hicks’s Séance (2014) bring to mind the vivid brush-hit rosettes in the hills and curves…

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