BE OPEN Forum at Design Miami/ 2012

BE OPEN, a global initiative and creative think tank that focuses on innovative technologies, will again be partnering with Design Miami/ at this year’s fair in December. BE OPEN will hold a forum of high-profile talks meant to foster discussion on the future of design practice.

Carter Cleveland, founder of

The speakers include Carter Cleveland, founder and CEO of, a social platform dedicated to making “all the world’s art freely accessible to anyone with an Internet connection” and a partner of Design Miami/ who just launched a previewof the fair. A Computer Science Engineering major from Princeton, Cleveland is listed in ARTINFO’s 30-and-Under Crowd: The Art World’s Most Influential Young Figures, and Business Insider’s 25 and Under: Rising Stars in New York Tech.

Dawn Goldworm, olfactory expert and Scent Director for 12.29

Also included are Dawn Goldworm, a synesthete and founder of the scent branding company 12.29 who has spent a decade in the fragrance industry and has designed perfumes for brands and personalities such as Lady Gaga, Adidas, Kate Moss, Espirit, and Heidi Klum.

Zigelbaum + Coelho emphasize the human's place in technology

Cross-disciplinary designers Jamie Zigelbaum and Marcelo Coelho, of Zigelbaum + Coelho, will be bringing an expertise that lives in the intersection of design, technology, science and art. Their practice utilizes physical, computational, and cultural materials for human-centric experiential design.

Tuur Van Balen, pictured on the left of Revital Cohen, work together in the space between technology and biology

Tuur van Balen, an experimental/interaction designer of the firm COHEN VAN BALEN, produces fictional objects, photographs and videos which explore tensions between technology and biology.

Marije Vogelzang - an eminent figure in the field of food design

Finally, Marije Vogelzang – a self-described “eating designer,” will also be joining the forum lineup. She’s considered a pioneer in the field of food design and has more than a decade of experience in developing programs for restaurants, designing workshops, installations, and new food rituals.

The Forum will center on the idea of sensory exploration and will focus on the fields of bioengineering, food, scent and haptic design. Each of these designers are working on the design frontier and make their research accessible to a global community – a core value of the BE OPEN project.

BE OPEN is an initiative that hosts conferences, competitions, exhibitions and classes from diverse areas, all focused on a “design thinking” approach that is “underlined by such values as freedom and a disregard for convention, with no restrictions imposed on ingenuity.” This forum, to be held at Design Miami/ on December 8th, 2012 from 2 – 4PM, will be an unfettered discussion on the future of design and is not to be missed.

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