Architecture for Dogs at Design Miami/ 2012

Dog and man go way back. The bond was born of mutual survival; dogs had protectors against natural predators, while our ancestors were able to stay warmer at night and cleaner too as their canines cleaned the bones of ox and bison. Architecture was still in its stone stage when humans found their new best friend.

A new concept and commercial company making its debut at Design Miami/ 2012 named Architecture for Dogs highlights how far the relationship between dogs and humans has come. Founded by Imprint Lab and Kenya Hara – a Tokyo-based designer and Artistic Director for the pioneering consumer product company Muji – AFD assigned 12 designers and architects from around the world with the task of creating breed-specific structures that offer new means for mutual interaction between dogs and their owners.

A papillon travels through Shigeru Ban's design (photo by Hiroshi Yoda)

The cast of designers includes Kenya Hara himself, who designed for the teacup poodle, the Netherlands-based architecture firm MVRDV, who took on the beagle, and Hiroshi Naito – whose sloping dais acts as a dog cooler for the spitz. The exhibition will travel around the world following its Design Miami/ debut, and will close in Tokyo at the Toto Gallery in 2013. A book will also be released in conjunction with the closing, showcasing yet another chapter in the long history of a very special relationship.

The exhibition runs from December 6-9 , 11-7pm, at The Buena Vista Building, 180 NE 39th Street Suite 112 in the Miami Design District.

A spitz chills out on Hiroshi Naito's Dog Cooler (photo by Hiroshi Yoda)

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