Sharon Coplan Hurowitz’s Favorite Work at DM/ 2012

Louise Nevelson/ Unique Black Painted Wood Necklace/ 1960s Didier Ltd.

“One of my favorite pictures of Louise Nevelson is the Richard Avedon photograph of her from 1970s wearing a black festooned hat and cape and layers upon layers of handmade necklaces. I love the idea that she made and wore her own jewelry and that it went hand-in-hand with her sculpture making process. The photograph of her is fearless, and her necklaces act as both her shield and badge of honor.

The Nevelson necklace offered at Didier has this same kind of resonance. It is a unique necklace composed of separate painted wooden parts contained in a gold framework. The necklace mixes unorthodox materials in the refined vocabulary of a fine jewelry setting. It is both elegant and bohemian, and when I tried it on I felt fearless and privileged to walk for a moment in the artist’s shoes.”


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