Mark Lee’s Favorite Work at Design Miami/ 2012

Gerrit Rietveld/ Unused Red Blue Chair with Original Shipping Crate/ 1965/ Galerie Vivid

“The Red and Blue Chair is perhaps one of the most iconic design objects of the twentieth century. The way the wooden members appear to ‘slip’ past one another while floating effortlessly in space, the way the primary colors suggest a spatial extension into a larger environment, the way it single-handedly embodies the idealism of the De Stijl movement, is as refreshing and current today as almost a century ago since its inception.

What makes this particular Red and Blue chair especially intriguing is seeing it alongside its original crate; an object reminiscent of another furniture series by Gerrit Rietveld, designed slightly later, and is slightly less well known but equally revolutionary: the Crate system furniture. Made from the recycled packaging material of crate wood, Rietveld responded to the economic crisis of the 1930′s with the Crate series that could be sold as a kit, easily shipped, and was affordable and of the utmost simplicity and beauty.

Together, the Red and Blue chair and it’s crate turn into an art object of its own; one that encompasses two ends within the spectrum of design – one abstract and ideal, paradigmatic and heroic; the other concrete and everyday, pragmatic and anonymous – ethos that were as important at the dawn of twentieth century design as they are today.”

MARK LEE, Architect and Collector

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