David Adjaye

“I like this idea of different practices in different places. This discombobulated network of sites offers me an opportunity to have different cultures operating that I move into. So it’s not always about a kind of imperial London studio going out into the world; it’s more like making localized networks. I’m very interested in that and I will open more offices. But when I say I’m opening an office, I really mean I’m opening studios. You know, the same way that a painter, if he’s working in a certain locale, will leave the work there, so that when he returns to the work it’s still in the mood of the climate, as it were. For example, when I go to New York, I’m in a very different frame of mind. We have an office on Canal and Broadway and it’s a big lofty space and it’s very much about a certain kind of production. I have my little room there and when I go, I work in a very New York sort of way, I’ve noticed. And I really like that.”

Taken from PIN–UP No. 5, Fall Winter 08/09
Interview by Nicholas Boston / Portrait by Robi Rodriguez
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