Ritsue Mishima at Pierre Marie Giraud

After a brief summer hiatus, Pierre Marie Giraud stuns us yet again with Illumination, a beautiful solo show of Japanese glassmaker Ritsue Mishima. Mishima began her career as a stylist for various advertising firms, finally moving to Venice in the late 1980s to dedicate herself to working with glass.

In the mid 1990s, Mishima visited the glass workshops of the Murano Islands and began perfecting her glassmaking skills. Illumination highlights the clarity of Mishima’s work. While most Venetian glass is richly colored, Mishima lets the material speak in untinted beauty: “I leave them clear so they melt into their surroundings, the light passing through so that only the contours remain, lending a floating ethereal quality.”

At Pierre Marie Giraud, the work effortlessly captures light from the windows and colors from the courtyard, creating perfect harmony with its context and surroundings. Work from Ritsue Mishima will also be on view at Pierre Marie Giraud‘s booth at Design Miami/ 2012 this December.


-Brandon Grom

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