Inaugural Exhibition at P!

Prem Krishnamurthy, one half of the design studio Project Projects, is extending his curatorial efforts into a new multidisciplinary exhibition space located in New York’s Chinatown. Called P!, the space functions as a commercial gallery, project area and what they term a ‘Mom-and-Pop Kunsthalle.’

P! / 334 Broome St / New York

The inaugural exhibition Process 01: Joy opens in September of this year and features the work of Chauncey Hare, Christine Hill and Karel Martens. The architectural concept of the space was designed by Leong Leong Architecture and will evolve for each exhibition that takes place.

The exhibition focuses on three topics that are common in contemporary discourse: labor, alienation and the love of work. Each artist featured offers his or her own position on the themes, culminating in an unstable thesis.

Untitled, 1991 / Karel Martens

P! presents multiple copies of Chauncey Hare’s published books alongside archival and reproduced materials and photographs. And just like punching a time clock, every day at 6pm the pages of books on display will be turned to offer a new interpretation on the balance of life and work.

Courtesy of Chauncey Hare

Christine Hill transforms P! into a “remote office” to extend her activities of “The Volksboutique Small Business” in Berlin. At P! she is using the office to collect research on local small business. She has lined up eclectic programming that includes lectures by business owners, urban researchers and gentrification experts to create an on-going dialogue between P! and its local context.

Volksboutique Small Business / Berlin / 2010

The stand-out of the exhibition is rare and never-before seen work from the graphic designer Karel Martens. Martens creates prints on a small letterpress, often on pre-printed sheets and found material including catalogue cards, collection cards from museums and raw packing materials. On display at P! is a large selection of Martens’ monoprints, including archival works from the 1950s and 1960s. Martens also created the logo for P!, the first in a series that will change after each exhibition.

Untitled, 1991 / Karel Martens

The exhibition opens September 16th and runs through November 3rd at P!

-Brandon Grom

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