Swarovski Crystal Palace/ Eyal Burstein Beta Video

During Design Miami/ Basel 2012, Swarovski Crystal Palace showcased Eyal Burstein’s Beta, an exploration of the relationship between client and designer. The installation reflects the eclectic relationships Swarovski Crystal Palace has developed with material and manufacturing experts in order to innovate and experiment with the medium of crystal, an ongoing project that designer Asif Khan will interpret at this December’s Design Miami/.

The Beta collection includes a Plexiglas bench and three cast-concrete and metal chairs. All pieces – part handmade art and part machine produced design – are influenced by the shape of classic Swarovski Chaton-cut crystals. Burstein’s choice of materials for Beta also explores the transparent and reflective properties of crystal. The translucent Plexiglas makes the bench shimmer like crystal and each of the concrete chairs illuminate their space thanks to an LED light that is set within the metal Chaton-shaped frame in their back.


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