All Ears/ Phillips de Pury Design Sale

Here is a very unsystematic, non-professional litmus test, a mini account of yesterdays Phillips design sale, and the news seems a little uneven, cautious, but far from gloomy. In fact they surpassed the high estimate totaling just over $8m.I’d say the market has made a healthy, organic recovery since the 2008 downtown and is faring quite well, thank you very much.

Jean Royère, Kenny Schachter, Kuramata, Murray Moss, Norman Foster

Zaha Hadid/ The Bride Stripped Bare, Bared

When the spheres of art, architecture and design collide as they do in the works of Zaha Hadid, the result is a tectonic shift in the notion of how form can be depicted. Albert Gleizes and Marcel Duchamp hinted at an idea of the fourth dimension in art in the early 20th century, but Hadid…

zaha hadid

Happy Bedfellows

Here is a radical plan to enliven the ever and increasingly staid and predictable Basel fair and give the Design Miami/ Basel fair its due—stay with me here—I think the design should be altogether folded and absorbed into the body of the main fair. In fact, Art Basel should go one step further than the…

The Morality of the $1,000,000 Chair

I heard that Commes des Garcons has a t-shirt for $2,000; perhaps you can wear it while you sit on your $28,000,000 Eileen Gray armchair admiring your $87,000,000 Rothko.

Collectible Design Market, Eileen Gray, Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent

A Market for Young Collectors

Mathias Bengtsson/ Slice Chair Plywood/ 1999
How are young, emerging collectors meant to most enjoy their newly acquired art masterpieces? Lying atop a Zaha Hadid limited-edition chaise of course! Collectible design is an exciting and fresh form of object-making by architects and industrial designers that often entails experimentation with contemporary materials and methods of fabrication that…

The Charitable Chair

Phillips, the auction house that coined the term “design art” for a sale in 1999, is apparently sick of the name and has stopped using it. The reasoning, said Alexander Payne of Phillips was that “we were getting tired of [the term] being used incorrectly.” How the term design art could be misused, misconstrued and…

Eileen Gray, marc newson, zaha hadid