Philippe Jousse in Marfa/ An Unlikely Art and Design Oasis

Marfa (founded in 1880, pop. 1,899) is a small town in Texas located between the Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park. Small in size and big on creative, Marfa has become a destination for artisans and historians alike. Rising amongst the dramatic western Texas landscape, the town has created an identity that includes art…

Art, Chinati Foundation, design, Donald Judd, Gallery Jousse Enterprise, Marfa, Philippe Jousse, Texas

Matt Olson/ Rauschenberg Residency

Matt Olson, co-founder of RO/LU and a voracious writer and photographer of all things art and design, recently completed his stay at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency. What follows is a photo essay by Matt about his time there.

Allie Hankins, Arp, Aspen Institute, Gretchen Booth, Laura Brunelliere, Mark Lyon, Matt Olson, Mike Brady, Robert Rauschenberg, ROLU, Sammie Warren

Depression Nouveau at Paris Fashion Week

On March 2nd, the avant-garde fashion house Viktor & Rolf showed their Fall collection at Paris Fashion Week, the models strutting in bodices, jumpers, and cocktail dresses inspired by a refined punk aesthetic.

Art Nouveau, Paris Fashion Week, Studio Job, Viktor & Rolf

Olfactory Avant Garde/ 12.29 Discusses the Role of Scent in Design

The scent of something, paradoxically, is ephemeral – but also unforgettable and evocative of the most potent emotions. Designers, artists and brands are starting to recognize this powerful stimulus that’s yet to be deeply explored.

12.29, Dawn Goldworm, Design Miami/, Drift Pavilion, The Avant/Garde Diaries

Swarovski Crystal Palace/ Eyal Burstein Beta Video

During Design Miami/ Basel 2012, Swarovski Crystal Palace showcased Eyal Burstein’s Beta, an exploration of the relationship between client and designer. The installation reflects the eclectic relationships Swarovski Crystal Palace has developed with material and manufacturing experts in order to innovate and experiment with the medium of crystal, an ongoing project that designer Asif Khan will interpret at this December’s Design Miami/.

Asif Khan, Beta, Eyal Burstein, Swarovski Crystal Palace

Draw Up a Chair: a Celebration of American Design

The Battery Conservancy is responsible for transforming one of New York City’s oldest public parks into a space of urban renewal and design innovation. With projects such as UNstudio’s New Amsterdam Pavilion, a playground in development with Frank Gehry, wxy architecture’s magical Seaglass and an educational urban farm, the Conservancy has become the catalyst for dynamic public architecure in lower Manhattan.

American Design, Battery Park Conservancy, Frank Gehry, UNstudio

Design Log/ Summer Break

Design Log will be on hiatus for the months of July and August, but we look forward to joining you in September for a fall season full of design articles, studio visits, notable exhibitions and more!
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The Interdisciplinarians/ Hugo França

The Interdisciplinarians is an exclusive dinner series gathering art and design personalities, held 4 times a year at R 20th Century Gallery. Hosted by Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman of R 20th and Laetitia Wolff of futureflair, each dinner is conceived around a themed conversation that is current, engaging and provocative, usually honoring a special guest.

Dror Benshetrit, Gaetano Pesce, Hugo França, R 20th Century Gallery

Designing in Israel/ Michal Cederbaum

D-Vision/ Photography by Yanai Toister
This presentation is Michal Cederbaum’s private research on Israeli design, which attempts to demonstrate a narrative that emerges between Israeli culture and contemporary experimental design. What defines Isreali design is an ongoing discussion, and this project provides a lens through which to observe this discourse.

Adi Zaffran, Alon Meron, D-Vision, DAG, David Amar, Eilon Armon, Ester Beck, Ezri Tarazi, GROUPA, Guy Itzhaki, Haim Parnas, Johnathan Hopp, Michal Sara Cederbaum, Naom Tabenkin, Pini Leibovich, Shay Elkalay & Yael Mer, Shelley Leemor, Shira Keret, Shirly Bar-Amotz, Tal Gur, Yaacov Kaufman, Yanai Toister, Yoav Reches

Humans Since 1982/ Clock Clock Typeface

Swedish Designers Humans Since 1982 developed digital signage for Design Miami/ Basel 2012 in their Clock Clock Typeface.
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Humans Since 1983