Anatomy of Fruit

Lorenzo Vitturi documents decay

DAMn Magazine, Lorenzo Vitturi

Light Energy Feeling/ A miniature Manifesto by Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is a visual artist whose critically acclaimed solo shows have appeared in major museums around the world since 1997. Eliasson’s works, described by the artist as ‘experimental setups’, span photography, installation, sculpture, and film.

DAMn Magazine, manifesto, Olafur Eliasson

Design That Resonates/ Newfangled Machinery

Some designers avoid the trap of designing yet another chair. We quite admire that. At a few of the latest events, DAMN° was delighted to discover three young designers who have opted to design an entirely other kind of object, let alone one of a slick and streamline nature. A Dutchman, an Italian, and a Belgian (and no, this isn’t turning into a bar joke) have fashioned machinery that could even be termed old-fashioned, albeit in a most delightful way. Using combinations of repurposed technology, mechanics, everyday items, musical apparatus, and hydro- or feather- power, they’ve concocted devices that are music to the ears.

DAMn Magazine, Jelle Mastenbroek, Marco Morandi, Pieter-Jan Pieterse

The Decline and Revival of an American City

When MoMA’s curator of Contemporary Architecture and Museum Design not only finds occasion to go to Flint, Michigan, but has reason to wax on about it, it is quite worth paying attention. Brought there to opinionate on architectural submissions for a pavilion, Pedro Gadanho found himself in a state of thrall upon discovering a side to the city that did not involve depressing abandoned houses and decrepit shopfronts. It had to do with the citizens themselves and what they had accomplished during these difficult times. Not to mention the Renaissance tapestries at the renovated Art Institute…

architecture, DAMn Magazine, Detroit, Pedro Gadanho

A Fondness for Empathy and a Fancy for Notebooks

The Bouroullec’s don’t do things by halves, to be sure. Exercising a balance of particularity and perfectionism in all things, they manage to apply a fresh approach to each project that they choose to undertake.

Anna Sansom, DAMn Magazine, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Design

A Slice of the Action/ Killer Cakes

The link between sweet and nasty is really not any different to that between love and hate, high and low, good and bad…

DAMn Magazine, food design, Halloween, JÖRG ZIMMERMAN, Miss Cakehead

Equipped for the Future/ Brazil: Old Remnants, Modern Ruins, and Perpetual Renovation

In a series of micro-stories that through its innately fragmented nature vividly reveals the multitudinous aspects of the fascinatingly complex country that is Brazil, Pedro Gadanho calls it like he sees it, in some cases through the car window. This is a travelogue of the most insightful sort, with descriptions that faithfully convey the country’s raw and complex physicality interwoven with factual titbits and emotionally charged remarks. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that after reading it, you feel like you have just made a sojourn to Brazil. And that you absorbed every aspect of the culture.

architecture, Brazil, DAMn Magazine, Oscar Niemeyer, Pedro Gadanho

Nosing Around/ Sissel Tolaas Makes Sense of Smell

I once saw a homeless person outside a fine restaurant in Tokyo, eating a bowl of white rice while smelling the meal inside. The smile on his face inspired me to try the same thing.

DAMn Magazine, olfactory design, Sissel Tolaas

Perfectly Odd Connections/ Thomas Lommée

Physically, Thomas Lommée often occupies a space in Brussels, but where is his head at, really? With group, collaborative, and solo projects for corporate and cultural clients that range from Droog Lab, the Liege and Istanbul design Biennials, Z33, Samsung, and the ongoing work of the Intrastructures studio, this proponent of open design sees the role of designers as one “shifting from being inventors towards being observers, connectors and entrepreneurs…”

DAMn Magazine, Droog Lab, Emma Firmin, Samsung, Thomas Lommée, Z33

Right-on Tom Dixon/ Thwarting the Copycats

Tom Dixon is a designer who has well and truly played the field. With hands in pies of all flavours he has shown an exceptional capacity for designing to the nth degree. The scale of the project doesn’t seem to have any effect on his desire to exercise his metier, and exercise it he does.

DAMn Magazine, Tom Dixon