Arthur Sinclair Covey/ The Accidental Tourist

In college, one of my favorite ways to relax—and also begin research—was to go to the library and skim the shelves. Even if I were armed with a printout listing books I needed to pull, there was always a discovery waiting. Archives filled with rows and rows of uniform boxes rarely present this same serendipity; there are no brightly colored book spines to catch the eye or give context to what one might find inside.

Archives of American Art, Arthur Sinclair Covey, Elizabeth Botten, Smithsonian

American Women Tastemakers/ Florence Knoll Bassett

As designers, business women, gallery owners, curators, critics and writers, educators, and collectors, American women have made significant contributions to the evolution and public understanding of modernist art and design in our country.

Archives of American Art, Charles Eames, Florence Knoll Bassett, Harry Bertoia

Dorr Bothwell and Polynesian Patterns

An intriguing portrait of artist Dorr Bothwell (1902-2000) in her studio captured my attention recently. I knew little of Bothwell’s life and work as a painter, printmaker, and art instructor…

Archives of American Art, Dorr Bothwell, Kelly Quinn

Ray’s Displays

The Eameses have been on my mind a lot lately. My husband and I are doing some redecorating in our living room, which has had me doing a lot of reading on mid-century modern furniture and (admittedly) a little browsing on eBay–as I’ve been scheming ways to work an Eames chair into the room (and into our budget).

"An Exhibition for Modern Living", Alexander Girard, Archives of American Art, Hans Hoffman, Interior Design, Jennifer Snyder, Molded Plastic, Ray Eames

Irving Gill’s Dodge House/ A Legacy of Beauty and Invention

As a writer researching a writer I revere, working with the Esther McCoy papers is an incomparable experience: the more I learn, the better it gets.

Archives of American Art, Dodge House, Esther McCoy, Irving Gill, Susan Morgan