Small Wonders: Stefano Marchetti at Caroline Van Hoek

Courtesy Caroline Van Hoek Gallery, Brussels

In 1990 Stefano Marchetti moved from his native Padua to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he developed a passion for mosaic – not in stone, but in metal. In Venice he used ancient techniques and tools to create a piece that reproduced the mosaic of Saint Mark’s Basilica, and a…

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Design Curio: RO/LU with Various Projects for Patrick Parrish Gallery

Photo © Seth Browarnik/ World Red Eye

Among the many elegant individuals passing through the fair, a grid-clad tribe has been seen, weaving through the crowds over the course of the week. Dressed variously in neoprene skirts and tops, jumpsuits, leggings and draped frocks, they are varied forms united by a common pattern, humans apparently mid design in some digital mapping program.

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Alan Maskin of Olson Kundig on 38 Beams

Alan Maskin, Olson Kundig Architects. Photo © Gesi Schilling

For one week only, there’s a little corner of Seattle in Miami – a structure made of 38 reclaimed glulam beams exuding a raw-woodiness that is distinctly unFloridian. “Seattle and Miami are 3,000 miles apart, and they’re very far apart in design aesthetics,” says Alan Maskin of Olson Kundig Architects who was Design Principal on…

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Design Talk/ Art et Industrie: Michele Oka Doner, Richard Kaufman and Jim Cole

Photo © Seth Browarnik/ World Red Eye

“We launched in Soho in 1977 when New York was at its all-time economic low,” explains Richard Kaufman, founder of the Art et Industrie gallery, which over the next 22 years would come lend its name to a conceptual, playful and expressive movement in design. The enduring seriousness of city’s art and design scene, and…

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New North American Design: Emmett Moore at Gallery Diet

Photo © James Harris

“The Miami design market has changed quite a few times,” says Nina Johnson-Milewski, director and founder of Gallery Diet, Miami. “It’s changed from a market based on snowbirds and vacationers to a market that’s homegrown and influenced by the institutions here. There’s a generation of people here who have seen the Rubells and the de…

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Design Collaborations: Ephemerā by mischer’traxler

Photo © James Harris

“It’s like when you’re swimming under water and you see a sea anemone, so you swim closer, and then it’s gone,” explains Katharina Mischer. “Or if you are looking at a forest – you can appreciate nature but only from a respectful distance,” adds Thomas Traxler. Ephemerā – a design project that currently comprises a…

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Thinning Ice/ Jeanne Gang and Swarovski

© Steve Benisty

The distinctive blue light reflecting off cracking, shifting, ice is an unexpected addition to the Miami aesthetic. Rippling gently out into the public spaces of Design Miami, the cold, sharp light of Jeanne Gang and James Balog’s installation for Swarovski – so foreign to this tropical city – is a call for thought. When Swarovski…

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Design Miami Pavilion

Design Miami Pavilion. Courtesy Jonathan Muecke

Design Miami Pavilion. Courtesy Jonathan Muecke

Jonathan Muecke’s Design Miami Pavilion (DMP) is a study in refined form and color: two curved walls describe a circle, with apertures creating a passageway between them. The structure is painted in intense shades of red and green within and primary blue and yellow without. Standing outside the entrance to…

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In Focus: Maarten De Ceulaer, Grid Series

Maarten De Ceulaer, Grid Series at Victor Hunt. Photo © James Harris

To those of us who know Maarten De Ceulaer from the acclaimed leather-clad Suitcase furniture series and for his equally leather-centric installation for Fendi in 2012, the Grid lamps – a series of undulating wooden planks studded with LEDs – seem a dramatic departure. In reality, as De Ceulaer points out, he’s been working with…

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The Design World Celebrates Ten Years Of Design Miami

Design Miami/ 2014 Welcome Dinner. Photo © Seth Browarnik/ World Red Eye

The Design World Gathers for an Anniversary Dinner  to Mark the Installation of The 10th Edition of Design Miami/ On the Eve of the VIP Opening

It was meant to be a moment of calm before the metaphorical storm – though in the event it turned out to be the calm in the build up to a…

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